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At Steppingstone, we are equally committed to the development of students’ academic skills as we are to breaking down the systemic barriers of racism and socioeconomic injustice. We seek passionate, solutions-oriented professionals dedicated to the creation of educational opportunities for underserved students, which drive social mobility and growth. If this work inspires you, Steppingstone welcomes a conversation. If you have any questions about careers with Steppingstone, please reach out to




Loving Our Scholars Means Doing Work that is Worthy of Them

  • We make a long-term commitment to our students and families to provide impactful programming to prepare them for college and careers. 
  • We are committed to measuring the impact of our programs through data to discover what works and what needs to be fixed. 
  • Our response to the systematic educational inequality our Scholars face is a system of enrichment and support that believes in the worthiness and success of our Scholars


Considering what our Scholars Face, Being Innovative is a Necessity 

  • Our staff is innovative, entrepreneurial, and talented and we are not afraid to pursue great ideas by taking risks, doing things differently, and implementing real change. 
  • We are dedicated to not wasting resources or time by ignoring great ideas…we need everyone’s help.
  • Ground-breaking partnerships and collaboration with Philadelphia area universities such at Drexel University, Temple University, and the University of Pennsylvania offer unique programming and networks to inspire work that influences students, families, and institutions


Work Smart, Not Just Hard

  • To be passionate about your work and dedicated to our Scholars, we believe you need to have a life outside the office.
  • Being efficient and innovative makes our impact better and lives more balanced.
  • Opportunities to pursue professional, work-related projects and educational projects are important.


Talent we look for…

  • Deep dedication to the development of students’ academic skills
  • Entrepreneurial and solutions-oriented mindset
  • Ability to balance using data to inform our work and the need to make personal connections with our students
  • An understanding of college and career preparation and how students need to navigate institutions
  • Ability to coordinate and partner with institutions, nonprofits, groups to enhance program and our impact on Scholars